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World Outreach Services Inc., (WOS) Urban Development Project, has developed two  (2) programs to prepare or reestablish financially literate plans for our youth and adults futures. Hard working people in our country currently are suffering daily due to the lack of education or misinformation.


●     Youth Financial Literacy Program (ages 14-21)

●     Adult Financial Literacy Program (ages  22 & Up)


(WOS)has researched and discovered that 47% of high school Graduates understand and are financially literate for the future. However, more than 50% have no plan financially or understand their basic financial responsibility.


Between 2018 and 2020 astudythroughFINRAInvestors EducationFoundation wasconducted with American college students between the ages of 17 and 34. What was discovered is only 17% could correctly answer 4 out of 5 questions pertaining to financial literacy.


This problem doesn’t stop with youth and college students! We discovered that in today's economy, closeto70%of hard Americans can’t account for $500to$1,000a month! That's $6,000 to $12,000

a year gone!


●    62% of Americans don’t know basic banking!

●    16% of Americans are underbanked (Underbanked means households without a checking or savings account. An underbanked household is one that has a bank account but lacks adequate access

        to other traditional financial services, such as credit and loans.)

●    Misinformation or No education of financial and investment planning causes: High personaldebt, underbanked, badcredit,  No healthor Lifeplanning, No educatedinvestment planning.



1. Introduce youth to banking checking and saving!

2. What is credit and how credit works!

3. Understand Financial Planning!

4. Participate in job placement program

5. How to start today planning for the future!

6. Why Health and Life Insurance are more than death Insurance!


Workshops will provide presenters such as : Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Business Developers, Bank VP’s and Representation, Financial Advisors, and more.



  1. Offer suggestions for employment and means to build cashflow.

  2. Train and assist to develop good money habits.

  3. Create a path to financial literacy and security as a lifestyle.

  4. Provide awareness concerning Bad and Good Credit status.

  5. Create a budget plan tracking income and expenses.

  6. Offer a plan for spending and savings.

  7. Share why taxes are so important. The do’s and don'ts!

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