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The Hancock House

World Outreach Services, Inc. (WOS) The Hancock House is a Community Temporary Housing Program that is a vital initiative designed to provide safe and temporary shelter to individuals and families facing homelessness or displacement. The program aims to address the immediate housing needs of the community by offering a supportive environment, basic amenities, and access to essential services while individuals work towards securing stable, long-term housing solutions.

(WOS) commitment to DEI goes beyond simply providing housing. (WOS) is actively engaged with community members, organizations, and leaders to identify and understand their unique needs, ensuring that our housing program is responsive and tailored to the specific challenges they face, as (WOS) embrace the diverse voices and collaborate with community stakeholders, (WOS) aim to is provide lasting solutions that promote housing justice, social equality, and overall well-being.

Through partnerships with local organizations, government agencies, and volunteers, (WOS)  housing program will strive for a sense of community, empowerment, and hope, assisting participants in regaining stability and ultimately transitioning to permanent housing.


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