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Urban Community Development Program

​  Community Youth Drill Team

915 Hilby Avenue |   P.O. Box 1755

Seaside, CA 93955






Discipline and Structure:

WOS Drill Team strategic plan will emphasize discipline, routine, and structure. Youth will learn the importance of following orders, adhering to a schedule, and working as a unit, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability.


Physical Fitness:

Participation in WOS Drill Team will involve synchronized coordination and physical activities to enhance fitness levels. Marching, drills, and other routines contributed to improved endurance, strength, and overall physical health.


Teamwork and Camaraderie:

Being a part of WOS Drill Team will encourage teamwork and camaraderie. Youth will learn to cooperate with others, rely on their teammates, develop strong bonds through shared goals and experiences.


Leadership Skills:

WOS Drill Team offers leadership opportunities, that allow youth to take on roles like team captain or squad leader. This fosters leadership skills, teaching them to make decisions, guide others, and take responsibility.


Attention to Detail:

WOS organized Drill Team will provide precision and attention to detail, which is crucial in drill performances. Each Drill Member will learn the importance of focusing on small details, executing movements accurately, and fostering a habit of meticulousness in their actions.


Confidence and Self-Discipline:

Through practice and performance, WOS Drill Team is designed to build youths confidence in their abilities. They also develop self-discipline by adhering to our pre-set practice schedule as they strive for self- improvement.


Respect and Honor:

WOS Drill team will emphasize respect for authority, traditions, and values. During WOS drill sessions, our focus will be to teach each participant to respect their instructors, teammates, and the principles upheld by the team, fostering a sense of honor and integrity.


Sense of Achievement:

Through various initiatives, the WOS Drill Team is poised to achieve a high level of proficiency in drills and performances that provides a sense of accomplishment in a positive and confident manner. This offers opportunities to boost self-esteem and motivation for team members to set and achieve higher goals.


WOS Drill Team’s goal and mission is to ensure that each participant is aligned according to each child's interests. Additionally, considering the potential physical demands and rigid structure, it's important to ensure the child's well-being is balanced appropriately. The adult leadership will ensure this outcome.

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